Yankee Hill Historical Society Publications.

The “Yankee Hill Dispatch” and the “YHHS Newsletter” are yearly publications. Starting in 2018, The DISPATCH, the larger publication of 15 pages or more featuring a detailed article on the area’s history, will be published in September each year. The NEWSLETTER, usually a 4 to 8 page document with a brief article on the area’s history and news of what we are up to, will be published in March each year. In some cases, we publish supplemental information to the dispatch or newsletter on the webpage. If so, it will be noted in the appropriate publication. Members can receive the publications by mail or email. The publications are placed on this website approximately 6  months after the members receive their copy. See the “About Us” tab for a membership form.
Yankee Hill Dispatch and Newsletters
The Rock House 1939-2019    Mar 2019
Western Pacific Railroad  Apr 2018
Cherokee Memories   Oct 2017
Western Pacific RR and David  Mar 2017
No newsletters published in 2016
1850s The Path To Yankee Hill   Aug 2015
Lime Saddle Newsletter   Dec 2014
Snapshot of Rag Dump    Mar 2014
Big Bend   May 2014
Concow Teacher   June 2013
Flea Valley   Mar 2013
Early Concow Settler   Mar 2013
Williams Family History  June 2012
Concow Indians Part 2   Oct 2011
Concow Indians Part 1   Apr 2011
My German Ancestors in Cherokee   Dec 2010
Spanishtown   Apr 2010
No Newsletters published in 2009
Concow Campground   Dec 2008
Old Yankee Hill   Apr 2008
Concow Valley 1900-30   Feb 2008
Concow Valley 1880-90   Oct 2007
Concow Valley 1870’s   June 2007
Concow Valley 1850-70   Apr 2007


Preserving the Yankee Hill, California Area's History