Yankee Hill Historical Society Publications


The “Yankee Hill Dispatch” is a yearly publication. The Dispatch is a larger publication of 10 pages or more featuring a detailed article on the area’s history. It will be published one or more times each year. Occasionally we publish a smaller NEWSLETTER, usually a 4 to 8 page document with a brief article on the area’s history and news of what we are up to. It will be published when society happenings require an update. In some cases, we publish supplemental information to the dispatch or newsletter on the webpage. If so, it will be noted in the appropriate publication. Members can receive the publications by mail or email. The Dispatch is placed on this website approximately 3 months after the members receive their copy. The Newsletters are placed on the website when they are first published. See the “About Us” tab for a membership form.

Yankee Hill Dispatch and Newsletters

No Newsletter Was Published in 2020
No Newsletter Was Published in 2016
No Newsletter Was Published in 2009

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