contains land deeds, land patents, homesteads, indentures, mortgages, and probate records


This section contains land deeds, land patents, homesteads, Indentures, mortgages and probate records. The deeds index references Townships, Sections (640 acres) and 1/4 sections.

The archives are updated several times a year as well as the Index. Check the date “updated” on the Index for the last date this archive was updated.

Helpful Hint: The PDF Index below can be viewed in your browser and searched by keyword without downloading the file by using Control F on your keyboard when the file is open. This function is very helpful with these large files in finding a specific person, subject, place, etc. The Control F Function does not work on photographs or the text embedded in the photo.

Helpful Hint: Check the index for an overview of Deeds and Mortgages and then look up the document you are interested in by year and scroll through the dates!

The 1886 Butte County Map  is a good source to see where the Townships and Sections referenced are on the map.