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Death and Funeral Notices

Death and Funeral notices in many cases offer valuable information about local individuals throughout the area’s history.

The archives and index are updated periodically. Check the date “updated” on the Index for the last date this archive was updated.

Helpful Hint: The PDF Index below can be viewed in your Computer browser and searched by keyword without downloading the file by using Control F on your keyboard when the file is open. This function is very helpful with these large files in finding a specific person, subject, place, etc. The Control F Function does not work on photographs or the text embedded in the photo.

Helpful Hint: Check the index for an overview of Deaths and Funerals and then look up the issue you are interested in by year and scroll through the dates! It is helpful (faster) to open two windows, one for the index and one for the related archives.

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Deaths and Funerials Includes 3,658 Entries

Note: Brief entries are only included on the Index, the text is noted “complete text”and the availability on line will be noted as “N”