The Road To Cherokee


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Chosen by Dan Barnett, book reviewer for the Chico ER as Book of the Year in 2016. Set in Cherokee, California this historical novel will appeal to those interested in history and those that just want to enjoy a good read.

“I got my own teeth, my own hair, my health, my own mind, and my own money. Now, if I could get me a man of my own, I bet I would go to Californy!” ~ Granny Aimes, 85 years young With that, Granny came to California by wagon with her family, the Normans and the Morrises, to begin a new adventure in a state flush with gold and promise. With pioneer grit, the Normans followed the placer gold while the Morrises found gold in the rich soil of Butte County. The threads of their story—with twists of hope, fear, betrayal, and redemption—are woven into the David and Goliath struggle between two of California’s largest industries at that time—agriculture and gold hydraulicking. Mary Ray King’s engaging storytelling brings to life unforgettable characters doing what people do today—live. It tells of two families surviving the challenges of life against the backdrop of two industries fighting to survive. Written in 1947 and published for the very first time, The Road to Cherokee isn’t just a novel—it’s a historical epic that will sweep you into another time. ANCHR added photographs and annotated history to provide perspective for the modern reader about events that, while they happened generations ago, still resonate today. 350 page paperback book


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