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Old Sanitarium at Deadwood 1877
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Gerhard Tebbe first mined in the area of Rock Creek, Butte County before buying 40 acres on Deadwood Road in Concow. When one of his sons hurt his leg he employed the services of Ah Sang, a Chinese herbalist. There was a large Chinese labor population in the 1870’s in the area working on water ditches, mining claims and other enterprises. Ah Sang convinced Gerhard that his services were needed in the area so Tebbe acquired land at the intersection of Concow and Deadwood Roads and built a home and a hotel which also served as a place of practice by Ah Sang.  The services of Ah Sang were so popular that the hotel became known as the Deadwood Sanitarium. The Tebbe family established a cemetery near the hospital that still exists today. Later Gerhard Tebbe sold the hospital to Ah Sang who would resell it several years later in 1892 and move to Chicago where he died in 1903.

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Sale of Sanitarium Property by Ah Sang


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