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The Mullen Family settled in Concow Valley about 1858. They first visited the area in 1855. They were one of the first families to settle in the Concow Valley after Dr D.W Thompson who settled there in 1852. They owned property adjacent Dr Thompson’s property, located where the Concow Campground  is today. This was before Concow Lake was established in 1870. Three brothers continued to live in the area after their father Charles Mullen died at Pentz in 1863. Joseph Burr Mullen sold the campground to Caleb Scott in 1886 and moved to Arizona. William H Mullen sold his property at Big Bend and moved to Arizona in 1905. John Merritt Mullen died in Chico in 1944. William Mullen wrote several letters to the Butte County papers about the area’s history during his time in Butte County, they may be found in the Newspaper Archives.

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William Mullen Land Deed Big Bend
History of the Concow Campground
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