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The Shirley Letters – A California classic that takes place just up Highway 70 at Rich Bar and Indian Bar! A true story featuring 23 well written, descriptive letters written in 1851 and 1852 describing life in the mining camps.

It is a must read for anyone interested in history that takes place in our own backyard. Drive up the road to the monument on Highway 70 and you can look down on the Rich Bar site in a matter of minutes!

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Cherokee Map 1910 (1 Meg download)

Download this map to your phone or tablet and visit the Cherokee site, stand in front of the museum (only open by appointment, limited cell service in the area) and see the views from the past on the downloaded map.

The Yankee Hill Historical Society is located in Yankee Hill, Butte County, Northern California. We focus on the history along the highway 70 corridor from Pentz to Pulga. This includes Cherokee, Concow Valley, Big Bend, Flea Valley, Messilla Valley, Oregon City, Pentz, Pulga and Yankee Hill.
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On this virtual museum site we encourage you to visit our Bookstore, Museum and Theater for books, displays, videos and other presentations on the area’s history. The Newsletter section offers articles written for the newsletters based on the research housed in our Archives.
For more help in your genealogical or other research or to read the actual articles referenced in our historical timeline belowvisit the ArchivesThere are thousands of items digitized and filed there along with an Index for your review in each category. For the first time visitor, the Archives Main Page offers help on how to do your own research and find things in the Archives.
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Pentz to Pulga

A Searchable PDF  Timeline (156 pages)


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