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This page contains reference materials specifically focused on Native American Studies, primarily in Northern California. The content focuses on interaction between Butte County tribes and some Northern California tribes with the settlers, the reservation system and the military as reported in local papers mostly in Red Bluff and Oroville. There is little information included about culture  and mythology as numerous books have been written on the subject and there are better informed sources than is available in these archives dealing with that aspect of their lives. We deal very little with mission life but recommend a book by Randall Milliken who holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology “A Time of Little Choice“, a detailed study of mission life in the Bay Area which gives some interesting observation based on his 1976  studies of mission records. It was first issued as a thesis.

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The PDF timeline below can be viewed in your browser or downloaded and printed out.  If you download the timeline you can search it off line with keywords if your PDF reader supports that function.

The archives are updated several times a year as well as the Index. The Timeline below contains information from various sections of the archives, newspapers, claims, deeds, deaths and in some cases published books or government records. The last date the timeline was updated is listed on the first page.

The PDF Timeline below can be viewed in your computer browser and searched by keyword without downloading the file by using Control F on your keyboard when the file is open. This function is very helpful with these large files in finding a specific person, subject, place, etc. The Control F Function does not work on photographs or the text embedded in the photo.


Updated 9/7/17 – Native American newspapers, 495 entries
Butte County Native American Timeline  (PDF 43 Pages)
Note: The actual Native American newspaper articles are in the Newspaper Archives section. A copy of this index is available there.

—– Reference Materials—–

1884 Article on Concow Indians
Excerpts from Bureau of Indian Affairs Reports
1863 report mentions Con-Cow Indians
Other Reference Materials

1851 Proposed Treaty Signed at Bidwell’s Ranch

1851 Treaty Thumb

(Click image to read text)

Note: This treaty was signed but never ratified by Congress

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