These archives are dedicated to the curious, the researchers, the publishers and the volunteers who staff organizations dedicated to our local history.

How To Use The Digital Archives

The Yankee Hill Historical Society has been creating the digital archives since 2006. They include over 2900 digitized newspaper articles from 1846 to today as well as hundreds of photos, deeds, maps, detailed select family histories. The archives were established during our research and they are published here for those who want to do additional research about the area’s history. The processes for using the archives are set up to simulate the processes used at local libraries, county archives and other resources that are available.

The index and the archives are not all the records for the period listed but only those we discovered during research that pertains to Yankee Hill Historical Society’s area of research, primarily the highway 70 corridor from Pentz to Pulga in Butte County, California.

For more Information about the Yankee Hill Historical Society Archives the following are available:

Creation of the Archives
Utilizing Timelines and Indexes
Q & A About the Archives

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